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Who We Are ?

Directorate of Urban Land Transport

The DULT has been set up by the Government of Karnataka (GoK) under the Urban Development Department (UDD) with the objective to coordinate planning and implementation of urban transport projects and programs. Karnataka is the only state in India to have an exclusive Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT). The Directorate has been set up in 2007 by the State Government close on the heels of the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) coming into force, to coordinate the urban transport matters in the State.

The Directorate is responsible for overseeing all the urban land transport initiatives in Urban / Local Planning Areas of Karnataka and administering the State Urban Transport Fund (SUTF). For the first time qualified personnel trained in Urban Transport Policy were inducted into the government system.

Our Vision:
To be known, nationally and internationally, as an organization with competence, commitment and creativity to plan, design and deliver sustainable mobility solutions for our cities and towns.

Our Mission:
We are committed to serving the people of Karnataka by facilitating the implementation of efficient, sustainable and integrated transportation systems that enhance the State’s economic competitiveness and prosperity while preserving the quality of our environment and neighborhoods.