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Pedal Shaale

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Pedal ಶಾಲೆ (Pedal Shaale) is a certified bicycle training program that intends to facilitate interested citizens to learn cycling and equip them with necessary skills to confidently navigate in Indian traffic on a cycle. Free cycling training is provided to enhance the uptake of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport in Bengaluru for work, education, leisure, short errands etc.


Public-private partnership for promoting cycling

DULT has been promoting cycling in Bengaluru, in association with resident welfare associations and like-minded individuals and associations through its Cycle Day initiative. Started in 2013 in Bengaluru, the Cycle Day, aimed at sensitising the communities to adopt cycling for short errands, grew from strength to strength and is the longest running open street event in the country. In conjunction with the Cycle Day, the directorate initiated the Sustainable Mobility Accords (SuMA) program in 2020 to work with communities of selected neighbourhoods to ensure that over a period, 80% of all trips within the neighbourhood are by non-motorized transport (NMT) and at least 60% of all trips made outside the neighbourhood are by NMT or public transport.

Continuing these efforts, DULT and its partners have planned to implement Pedal ಶಾಲೆ (Pedal Shaale) to further their efforts to promote cycling in various cities of Karnataka.


Objectives of Pedal ಶಾಲೆ

1. To engage with public across the state and increase the adoption of cycling.

2. To increase the number of people trained to ride a bicycle.


Key stakeholders


They are experienced bicycle trainers who will first evaluate the trainers and train the trainers through a well-defined process. Based on the certification of the instructors, a candidate applied for the role of trainer gets qualified. The instructors will be responsible to train the trainers.


They will impart training to the participants as per the program guidelines through theoretical and practical sessions.


Citizens who are interested to undergo bicycle training to prepare themselves for navigating safely and confidently on Indian city roads. The prospective trainees include those who do not know how to ride a bicycle and people who know cycling but lack confidence to ride within city traffic.


Salient features of the program

• Training will constitute both theoretical and practical training followed by a practical evaluation towards the end of the training.

▪ The theoretical part mainly aims to familiarize the participants on traffic and cycling rules, relevant guidelines/tips for different situations etc.

▪ Practical part focuses on preparing the participants for cycling on the road, obtaining proper control over cycle and learning how to manoeuvre in traffic.

• The participants who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate.

• The duration of training will be about 10 hours, broadly comprising of 10 sessions of one hour each.

• Cycles will be arranged by KBDA as part of the program for the practical training without any charge to the participants.

• The training is planned to be conducted at multiple locations, and participants can opt for one of the selected locations based on their convenience, during the registration process.


Key Benefits

• Helpful in enhancing safety of cyclists and other road users.

• Higher adoption of cycling as a primary mode of transport which in turn will contribute to promotion of sustainable mobility.

▪ Lesser congestion and reduction in pollution 

▪ Improvement in fitness and health (as cycling is an active mobility mode)

▪ Cost saving and lesser dependency on fossil fuel/energy.


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