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Bicycle Lane Separator Challenge


Are you on the lookout for creative opportunities to design a utilitarian product? Do you want your creations to adorn our city streets? This challenge is then for you!


Bicycle Lane Separators - Design Challenge


Bengaluru city has more than 12 thousand kilometers of roads within the BBMP limits, out of which 2 thousand kilometers are considered major roads. Safety for bicycles involves keeping them segregated from traffic on these corridors; most of which will need retrofitting of bicycle lanes on the carriageway. In order for bicycle lanes to be successful, they need to be physically segregated and yet allow water drainage via the curb drains. The barricades used for the purpose of physical segregation must allow visibility and prevent trespassing by motor vehicles. Apart from ensuring segregation and safety, they also need to be aesthetically-pleasing, and cost-wise, economical.


To design a visible barricade for cycle lanes which has a low footprint, is attractive and easy to install, prevents trespassing by motor vehicles, and ensures safety of cyclists. We are looking for turnkey solutions which include design, fabrication and installation.


You can be a product designer, architect, urban planner, civil engineer, professional, student, non profit or a company. If you do not bring all the skills needed to provide a turnkey solution please form a consortium before applying.


The selected design and prototype will be taken up and funded for implementation on a pilot stretch of one kilometer.


Parameter Description Weightage
Design How aesthetic is it? 20%
Functionality How safe does it keep cyclists? 20%
How effectively does it prevent vehicle encroachment?
Does it allow water drainage to kerb?
How theft/vandalism proof is it?
Deployability How durable is it? 20%
How quickly can it be installed?
How quickly can it be dismantled?
How serviceable is it in case of damage?
How vandalism proof is it?
Green points Are you using materials that have a lower carbon footprint? 20%
Cost What is the Cost per unit/km? 20%




Heritage Contemporary
We have identified two themes for the separators to be used in appropriate locations. You can choose to design the seperator for any or both of the themes. You will register once but will need to provide separate applications for each theme when submitting details for the final prototype.



After the close of registrations you will be invited to a briefing call where all your questions will be answered post which you will be given 30 days time to come up with a prototype.

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If you wish to be a part of this unique design challenge, register here before
7th October 2020

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By participating in this challenge you accept to provide the Government of Karnataka perpetual unlimited-use license to use the design in projects across the State of Karnataka.
The decision of the jury constituted by the DULT is final and binding.