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Karnataka Non-Motorised Transport Agency (KNMTA)




To implement Public Bicycle Sharing System in Bengaluru (PBS) and other Non-motorized transport activities in State, State Government has ordered in the G.O No. UDD 52 PRJ 2018 dated: 27.02.2018, to set up an agency called Karnataka Non-Motorized Transport Agency (KNMTA) a society to be registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 and the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Rules and Regulations (RaR) of KNMTA with a direction to Commissioner, Directorate of Urban Land Transport to register the above Society.

The KNMTA was registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 on 28.03.2018 with registration No. DRB2/SOR/308/2017-2018. The aims and objectives of the Society are as follows:

  1. To implement the Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) Projects.
  2. To design and implement safe, convenient and enjoyable bicycle and pedestrian transportation networks in cities to address the safety and mobility concerns of non-motorized transport users.
  3. To organize vehicle free (except public transport), open street programs like Cycle Day and Open Street etc., that temporarily convert public roads into free space for walking, cycling and other community activities.

The Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Rules and Regulations (RaR) of KNMTA are enclosed to this note in Annexure-(1) & (2). As per the provision under Rule-5 of MoA a General Council with Additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development Department as Chairperson and with all the 9 Members of the Society is setup for management of affairs of KNMTA. Also as per the provision under Rule-5 of RaR a Governing council under the Chairpersonship of Commissioner, DULT is setup. The RaR provides rules for membership of the Society powers and functions of General Council, Governing Council and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and management of accounts and administration of the Society.


Karnataka Non-Motorised Transport Agency (KNMTA) Documents
Creation of KNMTA vide G.O No. UDD 82 PRJ 2018, Bengaluru Date: 27.02.2018 Download
MoA Annexure-1 Download
Rules and Regulations of KNMTA - Annexure-2 Download
Registration of KNMTA as a Society date: 28.03.2018 Download
Proceedings of Governing Council
1st Governing Council meeting dated: 25.10.2018 Download
2nd Governing Council meeting dated: 12.08.2020


3rd Governing Council meeting dated: 27.12.2021






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